From the Sky down

How did the world get so full of information  every minute of every day reality tv and 24 hour news and who thought it would be a good idea  to fit it all right here in the back pocket of my jeans all the information and the miss information  and all the truth is out […]

The Space to Receive

Yung Pueblo once wrote that being able to receive love is as important as being able to give love, the trouble with that is that I’ve never been any good at receiving. I didn’t grow up with the tools to know how and life taught me there was always an ulterior motive and that the sooner I figure it out the better chance I have of surviving it.

Dating with CPTSD

Dating with trauma is complicated there’s no one size fits all option for how to deal with life. Sometimes you can meet someone that aligns with you in ways you daren’t have imagined possible that fits you like a glove, and sometimes that still isn’t enough because you aren’t both in the same space when it comes to overcoming triggers or because you are or because you just aren’t brave enough to let each other in far enough to see past it.

Here’s to the Men

Here’s to the men that buy themselves flowers
name their houseplants
and sing to help them grow
here’s to the men dancing in kitchens by themselves
thinking they’ll always be alone

I didn’t leave because he was hurting me…

After my second child (my first in my second marriage) my husband began studying for his degree, as well as working full time. This led to a level of stress with which he simply could not cope, no time for his family and a lot of resentment towards me (everything was always my fault), and […]

My Husband’s a Rapist

Somebody referred to my (now ex) husband as a rapist recently and it shook me. It might seem crazy more than three years after I left but I had only considered my experience living with an abusive partner, you’d be surprised how big the leap feels between knowing you’ve been raped and considering your husband […]

The Losing Game

Wow, you’re sexy for an older reader! Catch what I did there? I ran game on you.  I made you feel good about yourself by undermining you. Depending what I went on to discuss you may have gone away still thinking – I AM pretty sexy for my age, and where’s the harm in that? […]

Conversational Poetry

” its been a long time” he said, “the years have changed you” ” I like it, I really like it” then he pulled me close, brushed the hair from my eyes & kissed me till I knew how much. Louise Alexandra Erskine “if you were just a little closer” he said “I’d fall for […]


It was all there I could see it in his eyes standing so close I was art as he painted me with his lens every eyelash, every freckle the light dancing in my eyes a fire burning in his he pulled the beauty from my darkness andI stood before him not just photographed, captured. Louise […]


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