I didn’t leave because he was hurting me…

After my second child (my first in my second marriage) my husband began studying for his degree, as well as working full time. This led to a level of stress with which he simply could not cope, no time for his family and a lot of resentment towards me (everything was always my fault), and […]

my husbands a rapist

Somebody referred to my (now ex) husband as a rapist recently and it shook me. It might seem crazy more than three years after I left but I had only considered my experience living with an abusive partner, you’d be surprised how big the leap feels between knowing you’ve been raped and considering your husband […]

The Losing Game

Wow, you’re sexy for an older reader! Catch what I did there? I ran game on you.  I made you feel good about yourself by undermining you. Depending what I went on to discuss you may have gone away still thinking – I AM pretty sexy for my age, and where’s the harm in that? […]

Conversational Poetry

” its been a long time” he said, “the years have changed you” ” I like it, I really like it” then he pulled me close, brushed the hair from my eyes & kissed me till I knew how much. Louise Alexandra Erskine “if you were just a little closer” he said “I’d fall for […]


It was all there I could see it in his eyes standing so close I was art as he painted me with his lens every eyelash, every freckle the light dancing in my eyes a fire burning in his he pulled the beauty from my darkness andI stood before him not just photographed, captured. Louise […]

Butterfly Resurrection

honestly she wasn’t sure how she felt or was she was ready for but when she walked beside him she felt a quiet gentle fluttering in her stomach as though, just maybe not all the butterflies were dead Louise Alexandra Erskine those little flecks of golden light shining in your eyes they are enough to […]

You and I

I had never believed two souls could be one then there was you Louise Alexandra Erskine and his feet danced to the rhythm of her heart Louise Alexandra Erskine just a broken girl searching for all of her pieces that’s how I found you how I understood your soul and why it still hurts watching […]

The Storm Inside

She was powerless standing in the face of the storm so she simply surrendered watched it roll on in & loved him till it passed Louise Alexandra Erskine you & I two of the darkest thunder clouds to find their way together feeding of each others pain energy filled particles colliding there was always going […]

All of the Ocean

poetry collection He was all of the Ocean and she was drowning in a single drop Louise Alexandra Erskine Take me beyond the break water let me dive beneath the surface swimming through your ocean until exhausted I wash upon the sand Louise Alexandra Erskine She was alone Lost out at sea & broken by […]

Love and the Night sky

the thing she came to love about darkness was the way it allowed the stars to shine Louise Alexandra Erskine fingers travelling down my spine slow hands fast breathing the night sky isn’t the only reason I can see the stars Louise Alexandra Erskine for all the people that looked at the darkness in you […]


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