from the

chaos of her


there flowed


Louise Alexandra Erskine

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OCD after Trauma

I have had my basic human rights violated over and over again for years on end I’ve been stripped of the right to make my own decisions or say what happens to my body and you might not ever lay a finger on me but your judgment feels just the same. I don’t need to…

From the Sky down

How did the world get so full of information  every minute of every day reality tv and 24 hour news and who thought it would be a good idea  to fit it all right here in the back pocket of my jeans all the information and the miss information  and all the truth is out…

When the beginning isn’t at the start

My dad on the other hand had a big kind heart you’d have to be made of stone not to fall for but he too had his demons and tried to escape them in a bottle that ended the day as empty as he felt.

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