Conversational Poetry

” its been a long time”

he said,

“the years have changed you”

” I like it, I really like it”

then he pulled me close,

brushed the hair from my eyes

& kissed me till I knew how much.

Louise Alexandra Erskine

“if you were just a little closer”

he said

“I’d fall for you so hard”

“then its just as well I’m here”

I replied

“because if I was meant for you

you’d love me exactly where I am”

Louise Alexandra Erskine

standing awkwardly beside him

tension building in the air

making small talk & failing miserably

until I asked

“when are you going to stop wasting these stars and kiss me?”

he responded softly

first with his lips

then with his tongue,

communication was never a problem after that.

Louise Alexandra Erskine

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