Beautifully Defected

The story behind the name

A few years back I was in a relationship of sorts with an old friend, he drunk text me one night with a we are defected sticker stuck to his forehead and it got me thinking, yes we are defected, our relationship is defected, we as individuals are both very much defected and why is that a bad thing? Who is anyone to say that what broke me in this life didn’t also make me beautiful and unique and strong as hell! why should that be something we are told to be ashamed of? The next day I pinned my first epigram on Pinterest plain white, Black typewriter font and it quite simply said “Beautifully Defected.” because I’ll be damned if I’m not proud of that. Not one of us ever fell in love with someone because they ticked all the boxes on a sheet of paper, you love someone for their imperfections the things that bug you are the things you miss when they’re gone, all their little idiosyncrasies that stop anyone else being quite like they were. Because we are all defected and we are all more beautiful because of it and because one day in life someone will look at you and instead of seeing the broken and the darkness they will just see the stars and you’ll know exactly how it feels to be living in a world where there is magic. And that’s something worth celebrating and embracing your flaws over!
We are all #beautifullydefected 
Join in with this campaign on Social media and share how this hashtag resonates with you! on Instagram Tag myself @beautifully_defected, @louisealexandraerskine and @raising_wrays in your post and let’s continue to spread the message that imperfection is BEAUTIFUL!

2 thoughts on “Beautifully Defected

  1. Thank you for sharing this! We certainly all have more imperfections than we would like to admit at times. Things that I have done wrong in the past have had consequences however not all were bad. They have all helped make me a better person; I have decided to choose to be a better person because I don’t want to repeat my mistakes even though sometimes I still do.


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